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Nano-Positioning: Piezoelectric Motors & Motion Systems

Nanomotion Piezoelectric Nano-Positioning Systems

Nanomotion designs and manufactures advanced motion systems, sub-system modules and piezo motor/drive components, based on proprietary ultrasonic standing wave piezoelectric technology. Nanomotion’s motors and motion solutions are suitable for a diversified range of applications from optronics to semiconductor, from medical to metrology and other industrial applications. Furthermore, Nanomotion also designs and manufactures application-specific motors for high volume applications that suit a wide range of micro mechanic specifications. 

Special Features of Nanomotion Motors

  • Unlimited travel
  • High resolution
  • Wide dynamic range of velocity (1µm/s to 500mm/s)
  • Fast response time
  • Superior “move and settle” times
  • Compact dimensions
  • Direct drive
  • Nanometer position hold stability at power off
  • Wobble-free motion
  • No intrinsic magnetic field
  • No external magnetic field sensitivity
  • No hysteresis in servo mode
  • Vacuum and ultra high vacuum versions available

Nanomotion Piezoelectric Motors & Nano-Positioning Systems

Positioning Systems


Piezoelectric Motors


Optronic Modules

Nano-Positioning Stage   Piezoelectric Motor   Nanomotion Optronic Module

Nanomotion piezoelectric positioning systems are available as single and dual-axis linear stages as well as rotary, goniometric and vertical stages. Custom designed positioning stages are also offered.

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Nanomotion piezo engines are available in various forms to suit differing applications, from ultra-small to ultra-high resolution to high speed and vacuum-compatible models.

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Nanomotion supplies standard and customised optronic modules including rotary and linear shutters. Autofocus modules provide for full "auto" focus functionality or user-controlled motorised focus.

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Drivers & Controllers

Nanomotion Amplifier        

Nanomotion offers amplifiers and controller cards for one or more motors.

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