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Nano-Positioning Systems: Drivers & Controllers

Nanomotion Piezo Nano-Positioning System Controllers

Nanomotion produces a wide range of uniaxis driver amplifiers for applications using piezoelectric motors. All amplifiers can be supplied with ±10 Volts analogue from any servocontroller and some of them are compatible with an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface). The amplifiers can accept 12, 24 and 48 Volt supply voltages depending on the motor. Nanomotion's XCD amplification and control cards are designed for system integration (OEM) and applications using Edge and HR series piezo engines.

AB1A Driver Amplifier

The AB1A amplifier is a single-axis digital driver that can run one or multiple Nanomotion motors in parallel. While operating in a closed loop servo system, the driver works as a velocity amplifier, receiving a +/- 10 Volt analog command from the controller. The controller signal translates into AC voltage at 39.6 kHz to run the motor. In an open loop mode the amplifier can receive a signal from an external joystick, providing motion in a continuous or stepping mode.

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AB2 Driver Amplifier

The AB2 amplifier combines the normal velocity mode of the AB1A amplifier, for servo operation, with the DC mode, for ultra-high resolution positioning. The DC mode treats the motor as a traditional piezo actuator, providing the ability to make discrete moves at the 1 nanometer level. The DC mode uses the same ±10 Volt analog signal from the controller output and translates it to a ±300nm position move capability, with 1nm resolution. This function can be
operated in an open loop or closed loop manner. The
switching between the velocity mode and DC mode is done
seamlessly through a discrete input signal.

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AB4 Driver Amplifier

The AB4 amplifier offers the same performance as the AB1A, in a reduced package. The AB4 operates from a 12 Volt DC supply input and can drive up to 4 HR motor elements in total, either 1 x 4 element HR motors, or multiple HR motors totaling 4 elements. The AB4 is the smallest standard motor amplifier and is provided with a 26-pin rear connector (26 pin, two row header). This connector provides access to all
functionality (motor, power inputs, limits, and I/O functions),
making it easy to integrate. Additional motor and power inputs
are available with standard connections on the front.

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AB5 Driver Amplifier

The AB5 amplifier revolutionises the driving concept for Nanomotion ceramic servo motors, enabling a frictionless and smooth motion throughout the entire velocity range. At stop, the inherent brake is activated, maintaining the many advantages of brake at power off. Consequently, the control scheme is simplified, facilitating the use of any low cost servo controller to achieve outstanding performance. As a result, in addition to Nanomotion's FlexDC Motion Controller, the whole range of controllers in the marketplace can be used with Nanomotion motors, as well as generic control
algorithms. No custom algorithm is needed to be used with
Nanomotion motors. In addition, exceptional control
performance is achieved at servo systems, showing robust
performance at various working conditions.

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XCD Uni-Axis OEM Controller

Nanomotion’s XCD is an OEM amplifier and control board designed for applications using the Edge, Edge-4X and HR series motors. The board level product replaces traditional amplifiers and the servo controller with a small single axis board. The XCD is offered in two basic configurations; to support the low voltage Edge motor series and the high voltage HR motor series. Both configurations are programmed via IIC and accept quadrature encoder inputs.
(Some XCD applications may be supported by a box-level
controller that can house up to 4 axes of motion control).

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XCD2 Multi-Axis OEM Controller

XCD2 multi-axis amplifier and control board is a dual-axis OEM amplifier and control board designed for applications using the Edge & Edge-4X motors. The board-level product serves as a dual-axis controller and can support a mixture of motor configurations, with multiple Edge motors or multiple Edge-4X motors per axis. The XCD2 also supports Nanomotion’s gyro input for dual axis stabilization. The XCD2 is programmed via IIC and can support quadrature encoder input as well as BiSS.

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