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Nano-Positioning: Optronic Modules

Nanomotion Optronic Modules

Nanomotion produces linear and rotary shutters that combine compactness and performance and develops ultra-precise optical displacement systems. Their auto-focus modules use Edge Series engines, allowing fully automated or user-controlled focus. 

S787 Linear NUC Shutter

The S787 NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction) shutter is especially designed to meet the most demanding operating conditions of infrared imaging systems. The shutter works linearly thanks to an Nanomotion EDGE piezoelectric motor allowing an ultra-light configuration while optimising the distance separating it from the focal plane array (FPA). The shutter is equipped with a leaf of 17×15 mm2 capable of moving on 15mm in 100ms. The moving blade is supported by the Edge – Actuator bearing structure on one side and an outboard shaft bearing to eliminate any blade deflection and vibration.

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RS08 Rotary NUC Shutter

The RS08 NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction) shutter is the first of its kind, utilising a silent, miniature piezo actuator in an 8x20mm package including the drive electronics. The RS08 is designed to work from a 3.3 Volt battery and supports travel ranges from 35° to 120°. Shutter blades can vary in size and material, up to a 25mm diameter paddle. Using Nanomotion’s proprietary feedback system, the shutter is fully operational as a closed loop device, stopping on electrical limits to avoid any noise from a mechanical hardstop.

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