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Nanomotion Piezo Nano-Positioning Systems

Nanomotion piezoelectric positioning systems are available as single and dual-axis linear stages as well as rotary and vertical stages. Custom designed positioning stages are also offered.

Nanomotion Piezoelectric Nano-Positioning Systems

FB Series Linear Stages


FBR Series Rotary Stages


FBZ Series Vertical Stages

FB Linear Nano-Positioning Stage   Nano-Positioning Stage   Nanomotion FBZ Vertical Nano-Positioning Stage

The FB series is a family of standard, modular linear stages available for single and multi-axis applications. The stage configuration utilises crossed roller bearings, a linear optical encoder, and piezo ceramic motors. The stages are offered in a wide range of widths and travel lengths and can be combined in X/Y or X/Y/Z or other multi-axis configurations.

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The FBR series are compact rotary stages for precision rotary motion. They utilise piezo-ceramic motors, a crossed roller bearing and a non-contact high resolution rotary encoder. A variety of encoder resolutions and motor configurations is available for different speed, force and positioning requirements down to 1µrad. Stages are available in standard, vacuum and UHV configurations.

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The FBZ vertical stage series provides pure vertical motion, whilst driving a wedge axis horizontally. The FBZ provides complete access to the top surface of the user interface without having to stand a linear axis up. The top surface is guided with a linear bearing to prevent horizontal displacement and the Z position is encoded with an optical linear encoder for sub-micron positioning.

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Customised Piezo Stages



Nanomotion Custom Piezoelectric Nano-Positioning System        

Nanomotion is the leader in linear and rotary stages utilising ceramic servo motors. From the motor to the motion platform to the drive and control, Nanomotion will provide you with the complete motion solution for your project.

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