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This is the area where we post all that's new and exciting. From our latest product releases to news about Pro-Lite and our partner companies and the conferences and exhibitions where you can meet us. For information on our training courses (laser safety, photometry & light measurement and photobiological safety), click here.

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  Dec 2017: The Pro-Lite Group has been appointed to distribute the holigraphic, light shaping diffuers made by Luminit in Europe

Apr 2017: Read A1 Lighting Magazine's reveiw of our "Living Lighting" technical workshop

Feb 2017: Pro-Lite's new Tech Note addresses the topic of photometric flicker from lighting

Jul 2016: Pro-Lite Iberia opens for business in Barcelona, serves customers in Spain & Portugal

Apr 2016: Spectroscopy expert Dr Nick Barnett joins Pro-Lite from Ocean Optics to lead our new Spectrscopy, Remote Sensing and Spectral Imaging Group

Nov 2015: Pro-Lite to serve the remote sensing market with hyperspectral cameras from Cubert and UV-SWIR spectroradiometers from Spectral Evolution

Feb 2015: Electro Optics magazine publishes a review of Pro-Lite

Mar 2014: Pro-Lite opens for business in France with the formation of Pro-Lite France based in Bordeaux

Dec 2013: Pro-Lite has been appointed to distribute the diffraction grating products made by Richardson Gratings

Apr 2013: Photometric Testing has uncovered an arms race in LED bicycle lights, as reported in the Sunday times
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Jan 2013: Pro-Lite has installed the first 3m diameter Labsphere integrating photometer in Europe at DW Windsor

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  Oct 2016: Wasatch Photonics partners with Pro-Lite, offers "world's fastest spectrometers" for fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy

Jun 2016: Labsphere upgrades integrating sphere photometers to Illumia Plus spec - many enhancements to make them easier to use and measurements more accurate 

Jun 2016: Pro-Lite now offers the Labsphere range of far-field goniophotometers, suitable for testing automotive lighting, traffic signals and general lighting products

Jun 2016: Labsphere releases HELIOS and TruLume - the next generation of integrating sphere uniform light sources for testing electronic imaging devices and ground truthing satellite remote sensing instrumentation

Nov 2015: Konica Minolta release LS-150/160 luminance meters and CS-150/160 colorimeters

Nov 2015: Labsphere's QE-060-SF integrating sphere is purpose-designed for measuring the quantum efficiency of LED phosphors

Nov 2015: Touch-screen CL-70F spectral lux meter announced by Konica Minolta

Nov 2015: Lowering the cost of photometry with Labsphere LFC integrating sphere photometers

Oct 2014: New broadband filter type P1L07 from Laservision provides protection against ultrafast and supercontinuum lasers

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Sept 2018:
3rd-4th - Photonics Ireland
3rd-6th - Photon 2018
3rd-7th - UK National Earth Observation Conference

Oct 2018:
10th-11th - Photonex

Nov 2018:
14th-15th - Lux Live

Dec 2018:
10th-12th - The GRSG Annual Conference