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Pro-Lite News Archive


Aug 2014: The new Cronus high-speed flicker photometer by Admesy measures the flicker of SSL
                 and displays

Aug 2014: Pro-Lite has been appointed distributor for the Otsuka Photal QE-2000 quantum
                 efficiency spectrophotometer


Mar 2013: Announcing the Spectra Tek X from Blue Sky Research, the first all-fibre technology for
                 combining multiple laser wavelengths

Feb 2013: New SL-3101 photometer measures both photopic and scotopic illuminance whilst
                automatically calculates the S:P ratio of the light source under test


Aug 2012: The ILLUMIA-LITE from Labsphere is a handheld spectroradiometer with integrating
                  sphere collection optics for accurate lumen and colour measurements with LEDs

Jul 2012:   Pro-Lite now offers the Specbos spectroradiometers from JETI. We love the way you
                 can swap between luminance and illuminance just by attaching the diffuser cap





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