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Nick Barnett Joins Pro-Lite to Head Remote Sensing Group


29 April 2016: Pro-Lite is pleased to announce that Dr Nick Barnett has recently joined the UK team as Business Development Manager for our Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy Group. Nick previously worked for Ocean Optics where he had overall responsibility for the UK spectroscopy business as well as having a management role within their global strategic marketing group.

Nick set up the Ocean Optics UK office and was instrumental in the expansion of their core and OEM business over a period of 13 years. “Moving to Pro-Lite brings some exciting new opportunities” says Nick. “I have worked closely with Pro-Lite for many years. They have strong technical expertise in photonics and an excellent reputation for customer support. My goal is to build on these strengths, to keep close to the fast-moving developments in spectral imaging and spectroscopy, and to provide customers with the best available solutions for their applications.”

Pro-Lite’s Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy offering includes field-portable spectroradiometers from Spectral Evolution, miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics and multi and hyper-spectral imagers from Cubert GmbH.

Nick has a PhD in biomedical optics and has worked for a range of companies developing optical-based technologies for medical applications. Nowadays his interests and expertise extend to a much broader range of technologies including UV/VIS, Raman and NIR spectroscopy, spectral imaging and an ever-growing range of applications.

Nick studied for his PhD in Oxford and was funded by AstraZeneca. The main focus of his work was the development of laser doppler microvascular blood flow and reflection pulse oximetry instrumentation. Following his studies he worked at Moor Instruments further developing and selling the blood flow technology for a range of medical applications. He was instrumental in Moor Instruments developing their blood flow imaging technology.

Nick then moved to Johnson & Johnson Medical where he worked on the development of a medical device using NIR spectroscopy to monitor brain oxygenation for patients in intensive care. He then joined some old PhD colleagues at Oxford Optronix to help in the sales and marketing of a newly-developed fibre optic sensor for monitoring tumour oxygenation. He also worked for several years at Diametrics Medical/Biomedical Sensors where he focused on the application of a novel intra-vascular fibre optic sensor for continuous blood gas (pO2, pCO2, pH) monitoring.

As UK Manager at Ocean Optics Nick gained a broad range of experience in spectroscopy and its wide number of applications. He has a passion for business development and exploring opportunities in emerging markets. He has built an expertise in Raman spectroscopy and has most recently been working on some big spectroscopy projects in explosives and drugs detection, agriculture, food integrity, forensics and remote sensing.



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