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Optical Calibration Standards

Certified lamp and reflectance standards for calibrating integrating spheres, spectroradiometers, colorimeters, reflectometers, spectrophotometers, remote sensing instruments and scatterometers. If you are measuring light sources, you'll need a lamp or radiometric standard. If you are measuring the optical properties of materials, you'll need a standard of reflectance, or for larger tiles, a reflectance target.

Lamp Calibration Standards


Reflectance Standards



Lamp Standards   Reflectance Calibration Standards    

This section includes standards of luminous and spectral radiant flux which are used to calibrate integrating sphere photometer and spectroradiometer systems. Also featured are standards of spectral radiant forward flux, and a standard of spectral irradiance and spectral radiant intensity for calibrating irradiance and intensity sensors.

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Standards of specular and diffuse reflectance for calibrating colorimeters, reflectometers, spectroradiometers, scatterometers, spectrophotometers and FTIR spectrometers. Our diffuse reflectance tiles are made of Labsphere Spectralon and include standards of white & grey scale reflectance, colour, wavelength and fluorescence. For the IR (0.7-20µm) we also offer Labsphere Infragold diffuse reflectance standards.

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