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Optical Properties Documentation

Technical Documentation

This is our library of technical documentation relating to the measurement of the optical properties of materials.


Imaging Sphere

» Imaging Sphere Technical Briefing
» Imaging Sphere - Scatter & Appearance Measurement
   Paper, NPL/CORM Oxford V, 2007

Optical Properties

Measuring Optical Properties

» A Guide to Reflectance Spectroscopy
   Labsphere Technical Guide
» Absolute Specular Reflectance Measurements
    Labsphere Technical Note
» Choosing the Right Sized Integrating Sphere
    Labsphere Technical Note
» The Single Beam Substitution Error
    Labsphere Technical Note
» The Use of Centre Mount Sample Holders
    Labsphere Technical Note

Sunscreen SPF

Sunscreen & Fabric SPF

» A Guide to Sunscreen SPF Measurements
   Labsphere Technical Guide
» A Guide to Fabric UPF Measurements
   Labsphere Technical Guide
» UV-2000S Sensitivity
» UV-2000S FAQ
» UV-2000S Evaluation
   CIBA Test Report

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