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Pro-Lite supplies a wide range of custom glass optics, thin film coatings, crystal optics, metal optics and diamond turned optics as well diffuse reflectance coatings and materials which are used in scientific, medical, defence, aerospace, laser and industrial applications. For our dielectric filters, click here.

Barium Sulphate Reflectance Coating


Crystals & Optical Materials


Custom / OEM
Optics & Coatings

6080 Paint   Crystal Optics   Optics

Pro-Lite's barium sulphate coatings are scientific-grade paints that exhibits near-perfect diffuse reflectance at levels up to 98% in the 250-2500nm (UV-VIS-NIR) wavelength range. Available as an affordable water-based formulation or as a fast-drying ethanol pre-mix or ethanol solution, barium sulphate is used to coat integrating spheres, lamp housings, backlight reflectors and laser pumping chambers, in fact anywhere where you need efficient, uniform illumination.

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  Inrad Optics manufactures custom optics based upon non-linear and electro-optic crystals. Materials such as LiNbO3, beta-BBO, alpha-BBO, X- Ray crystals, KDP, KD*P and ZnGeP2 (ZGP) are used for harmonic generation of lasers, parametric oscillation, and sum or difference frequency generation. Inrad also produces nickel sulphate UV filters.

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  Inrad Optics manufactures custom optics, thin film coatings and optical sub-assemblies for OEM industrial, defence, aerospace, medical and instrumentation applications. Capabilities include planar, prismatic and spherical components made from glasses and crystals of most kinds, together with electron beam and ion assisted deposition of thin films.

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Holographic, Light-Shaping Diffusers


Metal / Diamond Turned Optics

Gratings   Luminit Holographic Diffuser   Metal Optics

Richardson Grating's leadership in the design, production and characterisation of diffraction gratings for both scientific and OEM applications remains unparalleled. The company designs and manufactures surface-relief diffraction gratings for use in analytical instrumentation, lasers, fibre-optic telecommunications networks and photolithographic systems, as well as for researchers, astronomers and for those in education.

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Pro-Lite supplies holographic, light-shaping diffusers from Luminit. Compared with traditional transmission diffuser material, a holographic diffuser provides for precise control of the shape of the transmitted beam, in addition to homogenising the light and providing for excellent hiding of the light source and reduction of undesirable hot-spots. Holograhpic diffusers are an enabling technology in many lighting, automotive and display applications.

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Inrad Optics manufactures custom designed metal and diamond turned optics for OEM industrial, defence and instrumentation applications. Inrad's polishing capabilities include flat and aspheric optics, polygons and porro prisms. Production capabilities include polishing, electroless nickel plating, bare beryllium machining and opto-mechanical design and assembly services.

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Spectralon Laser Cavity Reflectors


Reflectance Material


Zenith Transmission Diffusers

Spectralon Laser Cavities   Spectralon  

Labsphere's Spectralon is used as a pumping chamber reflector in diode and lamp pumped solid state lasers and lamp pumped dye lasers. Spectralon exhibits diffuse, high reflectance leading to increased slope efficiencies, higher energies, increased gain uniformity, improved beam quality and reduced risk of parasitic oscillations. Spectralon is easily machined into bespoke reflectors.

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Labsphere's Spectralon is a solid thermoplastic that exhibits the highest diffuse reflectance of any material or coating in the 250-2500nm band. Spectralon is used in integrating spheres, laser cavity pumping chambers, reflectance standards and targets, lamp reflectors, display backpanel lighting and digital imaging devices. Spectralon is easily machined into bespoke reflectors.

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  Zenith diffusers are made of the same material as our reflectance standards with its unique, highly lambertian optical properties. Thin section Zenith sheets are used as cosine diffusers minimise angular dependency of the light reaching a photodetector or to create more even illumination from a light source.

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Our optical coatings and materials library is a repository of technical information on Labsphere diffuse reflectance materials and coatings. Documentation includes technical and application guides, material safety data sheets and handling and care instructions.

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