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Optical Components for Opto-Mechanics

OWIS Optical Components

Kinematic and gimbal optical mounts from OWIS are available as stand-alone units or for use with our beam handling system assemblies and translation stages. This section also includes all the parts necessary to complete your chosen set up, including bread boards, posts & holders, bases, optical holders, adjustable inserts, tilt stages, universal & laser mounts, filter slides and wheels, optics and related accessories.

OWIS DSL 15 Rotary Column 


The small but important accesories for mounting your chosen beam positioning and translation assembly, including bread boards, spherical heads and posts (pins), post mounts (columns) and base plates (standard and magnetic) .See also accessories for manual positioning systems.

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OWIS W 40-4 Mounting Cube 

Adjustable Inserts

In this section you will find our manual and motorised iris diaphragms, adjustable slits, mounting cubes and adjustable inserts. 

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OWIS FR 40 Filter Wheel 

Filter Slides & Wheels

Manual holders, slides, wheels and hinged cascades for your optical filters. If you prefer your filter wheels motorised, click here.

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OWIS TRANS 80 Mirror Mount 

Kinematic & Gimbal Adjustments

In this section you'll find our kinematic and gimbal adjustable mounts for transmitting as well as non-transmitting optics.

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OWIS K 25 Small Mirror Mount 

Optical Holders

This is the section for rotary mounts, reduction inserts, fibre optic adaptors, mounts for slack optics, mirror mounts, flip mirror holders, general optics holders, holders for cylinderical optics and a nano-positioning optics holder. 

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Optics from OWIS 

Optics for Opto-Mechanics

A wide range of mounted and unmounted optics are available for the OWIS range of opto-mechanics, including lenses, mirrors, prisms, beam splitters, filters, sheet polarisers and pinholes. Pro-Lite also supplies bespoke plano-plano and spherical optical components and specialised optical coating services. We also offer metal and diamond machined plano, spherical and aspherical optics.

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OWIS ODL Optical Delay Line 

Optical Delay Line Kits

The OWISet optical delay line kits are complete, modular optical delay line assemblies that can be conveniently integrated into an OWIS SYS 65 or SYS 90 rail system. 

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OWIS NT 40 Tilt Stage 

Tilt Stages

Tilt stages provide high-resolution inclination of an optical element which is normally horizontally mounted. Our tilt stages can be mounted together to form two axis stages, or combined with other OWIS components such as measuring, translation, vertical translation or rotary stages.

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OWIS LJ 80 Adjustable Laser Mount 

Universal & Laser Mounts

Fine adjustment stages provide 2 or 3 axes of lateral adjustment. When budgets and space are at a premium, XY adjusting plates are suitable. Prism stages provide 2 axes of tilting and 1 axis of rotational adjustment. Laser mounts clamp the laser and can provide 4 axes of lateral and rotational adjustment. There's also a mount designed specifically for use within a laser resonator.

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