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The small but important accesories for mounting your chosen beam positioning and translation assembly, including bread boards, spherical heads and posts (pins), post mounts (columns) and base plates (standard and magnetic). See also accessories for manual positioning systems.

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OWIS ARP Bread Board 

ARP Bread (Grid) Boards

OWIS bread boards are used as rugged experimental base plates with sizes from 300 x 300mm up to 1000 x 500mm. The plate thickness is 10 or 20mm. Each board is configured with M6 threaded holes on a 25 x 25mm grid and is manufactured from deformation-resistant aluminium which is black anodised. Boards with non-standard sizes, grid patterns and colours are available on a custom basis.

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OWIS DSL 15 Rotary Column 

DSL 15 Rotary Columns (Post Mounts)

The DSL 15 rotary columns provide precise rotation around the vertical axis of the column are important. The height and the azimuth are roughly adjusted using a locking screw, and the azimuth can be adjusted within a range of ± 8° using a fine pitch screw. The column can be locked in its desired position with a locking screw. The DSL columns are available with base threads or base plates for mounting onto a pin or slide.

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OWIS KKGL 15 Spherical Head 

KKGL 15 Spherical Head

The KKGL 15 is a flexible head that can be tilted over 50°. It can be used together with a base plate for mounting pins, or it can be used on top of pins to install (for example) a mirror mount at a 100mm beam height.

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OWIS MAGF Magnetic Bases 

MAGF Magnetic Bases

The MAGF are switchable magnetic bases with optional 50, 75 & 100mm pins that securely fasten an assembly to a ferromagnetic surface.

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OWIS SL 12 16 Columns 

SL 12/16 Columns (Post Mounts)

The OWIS SL 12/16 columns are designed for 12 and 16mm diameter pins and are available in lengths of 32.5, 50, 75 & 100mm with M6 tapped threads to bolt directly to optical tables or M6 tapped holes to mount onto base plates. The 32.5mm model is compatible with the SYS 65 rail system. The companion FP 65-60 and 66-28 base plates feature M4 counterbores on a 50mm grid for stable mounting.

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OWIS STF 15 Pins 

STF 15 Pins (Posts)

The STF 15 pins are 15mm diameter with a choice of female M6, male M6 and male M4 base thread. Available lengths are 25, 50, 75 & 100mm (depending on the base thread type).

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