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Opto-Mechanics & Positioning Systems

At Pro-Lite we have a passion for precision. This is reflected in our world-class range of opto-mechanics, tables, breadboards and manual and motorised positioning equipment. Our focus is on value, service and providing a complete solution. From standard opto-mechanical components to bespoke assemblies, from manual to fully automated motion control and positioning systems, from optical tables and workstations to the most advanced, lightweight carbon fibre breadboards - we are your one-stop photonics shop.



Beam Management
Optical Rail Systems


Carbon Fibre Breadboards

Latest Opto-Mechanics   Beam Handling Systems   Breadboard

The OWIS range of opto-mechanics and motion control equipment is constantly being updated. You can review a list of all that's new here.

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OWIS beam handling optical rails are a modular system of rails, sliders & holders. There's no simpler or faster way of setting up your experiment or managing your beam.

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Compared with regular steel breadboards, carbon fibre boards typically weigh less, exhibit lower thermal expansion, and higher damping coefficients.

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Custom Opto-
Mechanic Systems





Custom Opto-Mechanics   Manual Positioning   Motorised Positioning

The OWIS R&D team is at your disposal for customised opto-mechanics. We delight in specials, from a one-off for a demanding research project to OEM quantities.

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Translate, rotate, tilt and pan. The OWIS range includes manually adjusted linear, XY, elevator, rotary and angular adjustment stages and goniometers.

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Motorised positioning systems to conveniently and precisely automate complex motion sequences. The range includes XY, elevator, rotary and goniometer stages plus actuators, filter wheels. A choice of controllers completes the picture.

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Optical Tables &
Steel Breadboards



Optical Components   OPTA Breadboards    

Opto-mechanical components, including adjustable inserts, filter slides & wheels, kinematic & gimbal mounts, optical holders, an optical delay line kit, tilt stages as well as universal and laser mounts.

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OPTA optical tables & steel boards are available in standard and non-standard sizes as well as custom shapes. Support systems include rigid legs, or for improved vibration isolation we offer rubber and air support options.

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