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Labsphere’s Permaflect proprietary, near Lambertian white and grey reflectance coatings are engineered for use in applications in the 250-2500nm band where hostile environments and wear may affect typical reflectance coatings. Permaflect targets were developed in response to industry concerns with the stability of grey painted cards, fabrics and paper and other reflectance standards. For imaging applications your grey target must work for a wide variety of lighting environments and still maintain its appearance. Most importantly it has to have uniform spectral response. It also must be thermally and physically durable, UV light stable, thermally colour stable, exhibit no gloss, no polarisation and no fluorescence. If your grey target solutions do not meet these requirements, you should look at Labsphere's Permaflect targets.

Permaflect targets are available in various levels of reflectance (5, 10, 18, 50, 80 & 94%) and in a range of sizes (as standard: 50 x 50, 100 x 100, 155 x 155 and 120 x 240cm)

Unique features of Permaflect targets:

  • Lightweight
  • Easily customised - upon request
  • Highly uniform reflectance
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean

Applications include time of flight metrology, ground truthing of remote sensing instruments, imager calibration and sensor/source compensation.

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