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Photometers measure the "power" of visible light emitted from a light source, scaled to the standard CIE photopic observer function. Luminance photometers are often called "spot meters" because they measure the brightness of a spot on a light source, whereas the popular name given to meters that measure illuminance is "lux meter". Tristimulus versions of our photometers tell you the colour (CIE chromaticity and colour temperature) of the light source. Where the spatial light distribution is of interest, an imaging photometer (sometimes called a "video photometer") provides a powerful means of measuring the luminance, illuminance or colour of light as a function of position or angle. An integrating sphere photometer serves to collect all of the light emitted from an extended source. Not sure what you need?

  Luminous Flux Illuminance Luminance
  lumens lux cd/m2
Integrating Spheres     
Cronus Flicker Meter   
T-10A Photometer     
CL-200A Colorimeter     
SL-3101 Scotopic Meter     
Brontes Fast Colorimeter     
CA-310 Colorimeter 
CS-150/160 Colorimeters 
LS-150/160 Photometers 
CS-200 Colorimeter 


High Speed Flicker Photometer


Illuminance Meters & Colorimeters


Integrating Sphere Photometers

Cronus   Illuminance Meter   Integrating Spheres

The Cronus is an ultra high speed spectral photometer that can measure the flicker of light sources - both IES flicker percent and flicker index are reported. In addition, the Cronus records illuminance (in lux) as well as chromaticity, CCT and colour rendering.

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  The tool without which no photometry lab is complete. The illuminance meter - popularly known as the "lux meter" - records the level of illuminance received at a surface at a given distance from a light source. A tristimulus response meter is also available for colour and colour temperature measurements.

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Integrating sphere photometers are used for measuring the total luminous flux (units of lumens) from lamps, LEDs and luminaires. With integrating spheres from 25cm to 3m diameter, any size of light source can be measured, even the very largest street lighting luminaires.

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Luminance Meters & Colorimeters



Luminance Meters        

Spot luminance meters are used for measuring the "brightness" of displays and signs. The range includes a tristimulus response luminance colorimeter as well as an advanced "spectral colorimeter" that provides a colorimetric accuracy approaching that of a spectroradiometer but at a fraction of the cost.

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