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Piezoelectric Motors for Nano-Positioning Systems

Nanomotion Piezoelectric Motors for Nano-Positioning

Nanomotion has developed a patented technology: ultrasonic piezoelectric stationary motors that allow unlimited linear or rotary motion. This system transmits a movement without noise and can operate in hostile conditions while reaching the highest level of precison on the position. The wide range of Nanomotion motors can meet your needs for a closed servo control loop, a drive motion control system, but also for optronic applications where small size and low power motors are more suitable.

Nanomotion Piezoelectric Motors for Nano-Positioning Systems

EDGE Series Motors


HR Series Motors


LS Series Motors

Nanomotion EDGE Piezoelectric Motor   Nanomotion HR Piezoelectric Motor   Nanomotion LS Piezoelectric Motor

Nanomotion's EDGE and EDGE-4X motors are the smallest industrial motors of their kind, providing unlimited linear or rotary motion. The EDGE motor works with a uniquely designed, compact XCD drive/control on a board or chip level. The EDGE motor can be easily integrated into most bearing structures, and is ideal for mass production applications.

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Nanomotion's HR series motors are high precision ceramic motors, wnich combine unlimited stroke with high resolution in a compact package. HR Series motors are available in standard, non-magnetic, vacuum, and UHV configurations.

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The LS series engines are available in 2, 4 or 8-element configurations and offer unique servo performance at lower speeds with exceptional constant velocity. The LS series is well suited to demanding step-and-repeat applications such as in auto focus lens systems where small steps are required over a long period of time.

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ST Series Motors



Nanomotion ST Piezoelectric Motor        

Nanomotion's ST series motor is one of the smallest motors of its kind and provides high resolution motion control for linear or rotary devices in a fraction of the space of traditional mechanisms. The ST is ideal for small stepping as well as continuous travel, with the ability to make sub-micron step increments and the ability to operate at speeds up to 250mm/s. The ST series is available in standard and vacuum configurations.

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