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ProMetric CCD Imaging Photometer

The Future of Light Measurement - Powerful, 2D Brightness Testing

ProMetric imaging photometers and colorimeters from Radiant Vision Systems (formerly Radiant Zemax) are powerful, CCD-based instruments that provide for increased productivity compared with traditional ‘spot’ photometers. A ProMetric photometer can measure the 2D illuminance, luminance, angluar luminous intensity or colour of literally millions of points simultaneously. Moreover, localised luminance and colour differences can be easily detected. Click here to open a comparison table of models.

ProMetric Y-Series    ProMetric I-Series    ProMetric G-Series
ProMetric Y   ProMetric I     

The ProMetric Y-Series are fast, small-format imaging photometers optimised for lighting and display test in production environments and for cosmetic inspection tasks. Available with 2, 8, 16 and 29 Megapixel resolution CCD sensors.

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The ProMetric I-Series are the world's fastest and most accurate high resolution imaging photometers and colorimeters. With an embedded LCD display and internal, motorised colour and ND filter wheels. Available in 2, 8, 16 and 29 Megapixel versions.

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The ProMetric G-Series provides a high resolution and photometric resolution and sensitivity for use in demanding light measurement applications. Available as 1.5 and 6 Megapixel versions. As with the I-Series, features an embedded LCD display and internal, motorised colour and ND filter wheels.

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NOTE: For information on older generation ProMetric photometers, please use the links to the left hand side of this page, or use the links to the right to download datasheets

Applications for ProMetric Imaging Photometers

Applications are extremely varied, but the more popular uses for a ProMetric imaging photometer include the characterisation of light sources, flat panel displays, LEDs and solid state lighting, vehicle lighting, road traffic and emergency signs and automotive and avionic instrument panels. In the near-field, the CCD photometer records the luminance emitted by the device under test. In the far-field, the camera measures the luminous intensity, or the illuminance of a beam pattern projected onto a screen. By entering the working distance into the instrument software, the measured spatial illuminance can be converted into a dataset comprising the luminous intensity versus angle, from which standard IES photometric files can be generated. When combined with an NFMS goniometer, a ProMetric imaging photometer can be used for measuring the angular intensity from a luminaire or lamp and for generating standard photometric datafiles in .ies and .ldt formats. For vehicle headlamps, a software plug-in (ProMetric HL-Test) is available to simplify the analysis of beam patterns per ECE and SAE regulations.

Surely an Ordinary Video Camera is Just as Good?

Only if you want pretty pictures! Compared with ordinary video cameras, a ProMetric CCD photometer or colorimeter provides for fully distortion-corrected measurements of absolute brightness and colour. The sensitivity and dynamic range of most of our models exceeds the ability of the human eye to resolve brightness and colour differences which means that measurements performed using a ProMetric instrument correlate closely with human visual assessment. This is important: the more limited dynamic range of ordinary video cameras (typically 8 bits) results in them being blind to the sort of defects and blemishes that can blight flat panel displays, exactly the type of defects which are clearly visible to the naked eye. As of 2015, an HDR (high dynamic range, multi-exposure) mode is available on the ProMetric Y- and I-series cameras that greatly expands their dynamic range. The multi-exposure HDR feature allows for a more accurate luminance analysis of a device under test which features simultaneously both low and bright illumination levels.

What About Software?

Good question. With literally millions of data points per measurement, you need sophisticated software to yield meaningful data. Each ProMetric imaging photometer comes with the powerful, Windows-based ProMetric software suite created by Radiant Vision Systems. This software provides extensive instrument control, data acquisition and image analysis capabilities. Built-in support for .Net and ActiveX controls allows the experienced user infinite scope to develop customised applications, and to perform automated testing using software such as VB.Net, VC#.Net, LabView, Matlab, VBA, and C++. » Learn More

Automated Visual Inspection

TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection system is a complete turn-key solution for comprehensive and highly accurate production testing for flat panel displays (FPDs). Extensive test definition capabilities and high-speed operation ensure accurate, comprehensive, and repeatable results, while increasing production throughput and decreasing costs for display manufacturers. The TrueTest application software automates the entire test sequence, including the display of test patterns on the device under test, imaging them with a ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter, and then analysing and presenting the measurement results relative to user defined pass / fail criteria. Click here for a copy of the TrueTest datasheet.

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