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Radiant Imaging ProSource 8.0 Software Interface

Improved ray tracing with ProSource and Radiant Source Models 

Radiant Imaging’s ProSource software provides the interface necessary to export ray sets from Radiant Source Model data files into third-party optical design and illumination modelling programmes. A Radiant Source Model (RSM) is an industry-standard representation of the near-field luminance output of a light source and comprises thousands of detailed images of the device under test. RSMs are generated by measuring a light source using Radiant Imaging's Source Imaging Goniometer (SIG) systems as well as the NFMS Near-Field Goniophotometer.

ProSource allows full data analysis and ray generation from any RSM data file. In addition, a ProSource software licence allows any RSM to be viewed and analysed in compatible optical design and illumination programmes. ProSource enables the optical designer to interact with source data in a variety of useful ways. For example, the user can determine source colour and luminance characteristics from any point or subregion within the source. The source can be viewed from any angle, and animated videos can be created to help intuitively understand the spatial output characteristics of the light source. The designer can also use ProSource to determine the origin of the global coordinate system in relationship to specific physical features of a light source, as well as to determine the relationship between source features and how they relate to ray sets. ProSource can be used to generate ray sets that may be imported into ray trace software with full control over the number of rays, angular range of rays, and total luminous flux of the ray set.

ProSource allows the export of ray sets from Radiant Source models to optical design programmes that include ASAP, FRED, LightTools, LucidShape, Opticad, OSLO, SimuLux, SPEOS, TracePro and Zemax. ProSource can also export in a general binary format, a general unix binary format and an ASCII format. 

Using ProSource confers numerous benefits. Chief amoungst these is the enhanced understanding of the light source characteristics which in turn improves the predictive accuracy of the computer simulation and helps bring products to market more quickly and with reduced development costs.

Standard Photometric Data for Luminaires

ProSource is used together with the NFMS Near-Field Goniophotometer to generate standard photometric data in industry-standard IESNA LM 63 (.ies) and EULUMDAT (.ldt) formats. So-called photometric data defines how much light a luminaire emits and into what directions; lighting designers then use this standardised data format with a variety of commercially-available lighting design programmes to determine the number and positioning of luminaires in order to create the desired illuminance (lux level). ProSource takes the Radiant Source Model file generated by the NFMS goniophotometer, scales this to a far-field luminous intensity distribution and can then be used to output the desired photometric data file.

ProSource 9

ProSource 9 is the latest release and provides numerous enhancements, including:

  • Generate spectral rays from measured spectra or from a user-defined spectrum.
  • Calculate colour rendering index (CRI, Ra) based upon spectral measurements for each measurement angle and globally for the entire measurement.
  • Chart illuminance on a user-defined plane.
  • Integrated Cx, Cy, CCT and CRI for an entire scan.
  • Enhanced measurement list with filtering.
  • Spectral power chart.
  • Option for absolute & relative photometric file outputs (IES & EULUMDAT),
  • IES file output in 2002 or 1995 formats.
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