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QE-2000 Phosphor Quantum Efficiency Spectrophotometer


The QE-2000 from Otsuka Electronics is a precision spectrophotometer that provides accurate, high-speed, turn-key measurement of the absolute quantum efficiency (quantum yield) of phosphorescent materials (powders, liquids and solids), such as those used to create white light from LEDs. The use of an integrating hemisphere, a low stray light spectrometer and fluorescent re-excitation elimination promotes the highest available measurement accuracy.

The QE-2000 is a new-generation spectrophotometer which is purpose-designed for measuring the quantum efficiency (QE) or quantum yield of powders, liquids, solids and films. An optically optimised geometry using an integrating hemisphere and low stray light spectrometer (various models, 250-1100nm) allows for applications such as LED and OLED material characterisation, and measuring the photoluminescent efficiency of quantum dots and dye-sensitised solar cells.

The QE-2000 employs a xenon lamp and scanning monochromator for tunable sample illumination and excitation in the 250-800nm spectral range. The accuracy of measurements performed with the QE-2000 is optimised by means of the higher throughput Spectralon integrating hemisphere and ultjra-low stray light array spectrometer. The QE-2000 eliminates the error associated with fluorescent re-excitation, something which integrating sphere measurements systems ordinarily suffer from.

The QE-2000 can be used to measure quatum efficiency and quantum yield as well as the excitation wavelength dependencey of phosphors and the emission and photoluminescent excitation spectra. It can also be used to analyse the excitation emission matrix (EEM) and reports the CIE chromaticity, CCT and colour rendering of the sample.

With easy cell loading and unloading, and with extremely user-friendly software, the QE-2000 is very easy to use. The enclosed sample compartment means that high speed measurements can be performed without a dark room.

The related QE-2100 is a modular measurement system which allows the user to flexibly configure their measurement set up. An optional temperature control function provides for measurements of quantum efficiency as a function of temperature over the range 50-300°C. The QE-2100 can be configured for specific wavelength ranges, while a broadband model provides QE measurements from 300-1600nm.

QE-2000 Schematic

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