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Labsphere QE-060-SF Quantum Efficiency Integrating Sphere

Light: the fuel of life

The Labsphere QE-060-SF is a 150mm diameter integrating sphere coated with Spectraflect high reflectance paint which is purpose designed for measuring the photo-luminescent quantum yield (PLQY) or quantum efficiency of phosphorescent materials, such as LED phosphors and quantum dots.

Specification & Features

  • Sphere diameter: 150mm (6")
  • Sphere coating: Labsphere 98% Spectraflect (Spectralon 99% optional)
  • Port configuration: three ports; 50mm sample port at north pole; 25mm detector port at 0° on horizontal equator; and a second 25mm excitation input port at 90° on the equator
  • Baffle to screen a centre-mounted sample from the detector port
  • Base with post mount & height adjustable post holder
  • Centre mounted sample holder assembly with two positions which allows for rotating of the sample in and out of excitation beam for base-line referencing
  • Interchangeable sample holders: choose from a clip-style; a jaws-style (shown above); a cuvette holder; and a powder sample holder.

System requirements

Your complete experimental setup for quantum efficiency measurements should include the QE-060-SF integrating sphere, an external light source or laser for sample excitation and a photodetector. Typically the detector used will be an array spectrometer (also available from Pro-Lite), for which you will need to purchase an SMA port adaptor for the detector port on the sphere. For absolute flux measurements, and for normalisation of spectral responsivity, a standard lamp of spectral flux is available on request.

Please note that we welcome requests for modified standard products or out-and-out bespoke integrating sphere designs to suit your exact needs. Please use our enquiry form to share your requirements with us.

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