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Real-time multispectral imagers are based on 2D image sensors overlaid with an array of discrete, bandpass filters. There are two types of multispectral imager: those employing "filter-on-chip" technology, in which a series of narrow bandpass filters are applied directly to the 2D sensor array; and those employing an interchangeable filter array together with plenoptic imaging. A multispectral imager provides a more limited spectral dataset but provides a distinct advantage in terms of measurement speed. A multispectral camera can generally be regarded as a "real time" spectral imager, allowing for the capture of rapidly changing objects.

Multispectral Imaging using Filter-on-Chip Technology


Multispectral Imaging using Plenoptic Imaging Technology



Multispectral Filter-on-Chip Imagers   Surface Optics Corp LigthPath Multispectral Imager    

The PixelCam™ OEM multispectral camera from PIXELTEQ provides "live" video rate spectral imaging with between 3 and 9 spectral bands. Custom dichroic filters are applied onto the 2D sensor array at the wafer level to create a robust camera that can be used for spectral monitoring at descrete visible and NIR wavelengths.

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The LightShift LVIRA™ multispectral imager from Surface Optics Corporation is the first commercial multimodal snapshot spectral and polarisation imager with video-rate acquisition and processing. LightShift's cutting-edge plenoptic imaging technology allows you to simultaneously capture spectral, image and polarisation information for every pixel.

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Applications for real-time multispectral imagers are found in many sciences: security & defence; life sciences; food & agriculture, materials science; and machine vision.
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