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Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance & Colour Standards

Standards of diffuse or specular reflectance to calibrate colorimeters, reflectometers, spectroradiometers, BRDF scatterometers, UV-VIS spectrophotometers and FTIR spectrometers. Labsphere's award-winning Spectralon forms the basis of our diffuse reflectance standards. The range includes standards of diffuse reflectance for the 250-2500nm range (white and greyscale), colour, wavelength and fluorescence. All are characterised by stable, Lambertian reflectance which provides for stable, consistent reflectance regardless of instrument alignment or illumination and viewing geometries. For the IR (2.5-15µm) we offer Labsphere's Infragold diffuse reflectance standards. Our standard of specular reflectance is a front surface mirror which is available in low and high reflectance forms.

Labsphere Spectralon Colour Standards 

Spectralon Colour Standards

Labsphere Spectralon diffusely reflecting colour and pastel colour standards are used to calibrate colorimeters and spectrophotometers in the 360-830nm range.

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Labsphere Spectralon Fluorescence Standards 

Spectralon Fluorescence Standards

Labsphere Spectralon diffuse fluorescence standards are used to calibrate colorimeters and spectrofluorimeters.

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Labsphere Spectralon Greyscale Reflectance Standards 

Spectralon Greyscale Reflectance Standards

Spectralon greyscale standards provide diffuse reflectance between 80 and 94% in 2% steps for calibrating and validating the photometric linearity of spectrophotometers and reflectometers in the 250-2500nm range.

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Labsphere Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance Standards 

Spectralon Reflectance Standards

Spectralon white and greyscale standards provide diffuse reflectance from 2 to 99% and are used to calibrate spectrophotometers, BRDF scatterometers, spectroradiometers and reflectometers in the 250-2500nm range.

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Labsphere Spectralon Wavelength Calibration Standards 

Spectralon Wavelength Standards

Our wavelength calibration standards are Spectralon reflectance standards doped with rare earth oxides which are used to validate the wavelength calibration of spectrophotometers and spectrofluorimeters in the 378-1936nm range.

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Ocean Optics STAN-SSH High Reflectance Specular Reflectance Standard 

Specular Reflectance Standards

Standards of specular reflectance are used as references when measuring the reflectance of materials with specular reflectance. The standard of high reflectance is used when measuring optical substrates, optical coatings, machined metals and semiconductor materials. The standard of low reflectance is used to test thin film and anti-reflective coatings, blocking filters and substrates.

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