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Diffuse Reflectance Targets

Labsphere Large Reflectance Targets

Pro-Lite offers a range of reflectance targets which are used to test and calibrate remote sensing instruments, spectroradiometers and image sensors used in autonomous vehicle technology.

Labsphere's award-winning Spectralon PTFE material forms the basis of our diffuse reflectance targets for the UV-VIS-NIR band. Spectralon is characterised by stable, Lambertian (diffuse) reflectance; compared to glossy tiles, diffuse reflectance targets provide for stable, consistent reflectance regardless of instrument alignment or illumination and viewing geometries. Spectralon is also robust and easily cleaned. For the IR (2.5-15µm) we offer targets based upon Labsphere's Infragold diffuse reflectance coating. If you care about portability, Zenith-Lite PTFE targets are light weight and more easily transported and deployed in field measurements. Last but not least, Labsphere's Permaflect targets (shown above) provide the ultimate in environmental stability and durability.

Infragold Reflectance Targets


Permaflect Reflectance Targets


Spectralon Reflectance Targets

Labsphere Infragold Diffuse Reflectance Standards   Labsphere Permaflect Diffuse Reflectance Targets   Labsphere Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance Targets

Labsphere Infragold targets provide diffuse reflectance between 92-96% and are used to calibrate NIR-MIR spectrometers and remote sensing instruments in the 2.5-15µm range.

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Labsphere’s Permaflect proprietary near Lambertian white and grey reflectance coatings are engineered for use in applications in the 250-2500nm band where hostile environments and wear may affect typical reflectance coatings.

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Spectralon targets provide near-perfect Lambertian (diffuse) reflectance and are used to calibrate spectroradiometers and remote sensing apparatus in the 250-2500nm range. Choose from white, grey scale and split reflectance (contrast) panels.

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Zenith-Lite™ Reflectance Targets

SphereOptics Zenith Lite Diffuse Reflectance Targets        
Zenith-Lite diffuse targets are made from SphereOptics' Zenith diffuse reflectance material, which provides nearly ideal diffuse lambertian reflectance over the wavelength range from 250 to 2500nm. Compared to Labsphere Spectralon, Zenith panels are extremely light weight and ideally suited for field deployment.

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