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RMM-10 Retro-reflectometer "Reflex Checker"

RMM-10 Reflex Checker

The Optronik RMM-10 is a high-speed "reflex checker" designed for production-line testing of retro-reflective materials, specifically automotive reflectors and road markings. It is commonly used in the process control of plastic moulding machines. The RMM-10 performs measurements of the relative retro-reflectance of samples in comparison to a reference retro-reflector that has been fully characterised using a goniophotometer.

The RMM-10 employs a xenon flashlamp which illuminates a 90mm diameter spot at a 1m working distance at normal incidence. The retro-reflected light is received by a photometer detector which views the sample at an angle of 0.333 degrees to the surface normal. Compared to a gonio-reflectometer, the RMM-10 is fast, compact and does not need to be operated in a special dark room. Indeed, an RMM-10 is normally installed next to the production line for process control of the plastic moulding machines used to make vehicle retro-reflectors. The high intensity xenon flash provides for accurate measurements of retro-reflectance even under variable ambient illumination. Measurement times are extremely short – typically less than 0.1 seconds.

The RMM-10 consists of the optical housing with a 1 meter measuring distance. The housing contains the photometric measurement head and associated electronics. The optical housing is fixed to the test table. The device under test is positioned under the optical head and precisely held in the correct position and in the desired orientation using customer-supplied test fixtures.

Retro-reflectors are used as safety devices to enhance the visibility of objects under low light conditions. A retro-reflector is designed to return the rays of light in the direction from which they came regardless of the angle of incidence. Retro-reflection is used on road surfaces, road signs, vehicles and clothing. When the headlights of a car illuminate a retro-reflective surface, the reflected light is directed towards the car and its driver, and not wasted by going in all directions as with a diffuse reflection.

The standards applicable to the measurement of retro-reflectance include: CIE Publication No. 54.2-2001; DIN 67520; EN 471 High-visibility Clothing; ECE Regulations R 3, R 27, R 69, R 70, R 104 (at 10m or 30.5m measuring distance); SAE regulations J 594, J 774, J 943, J 2041 and similar regulations at 30.5 m distance; and DIN 5032, section 6 and 7.

Key Specifications

RMM-10 Specifications
Measurement Principle Relative measurement against reference sample, geometry
compensation by separate calibrations for each reflector type
Light Source Xenon flashlamp
Detector Measurement: photopic response silicon photodiode
  Reference: photopic response silicon photodiode
Illumination Angle Perpendicular (0°, normal incidence)
Detection Angle 0.333° (20') to illumination angle
Measurement Spot 90mm diameter at 1m
Power 90 ~ 265VAC, 50/60Hz, 80W
Environmental +10 ~ 40°C, 10 ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions 1000 x 2330 x 600mm (W x H x D)
Weight 53kg
Scope of Supply RMM-10 optical head with xenon flash illuminator
  Test table
  Remote controller
  Assembly and operator manuals


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