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Software tools available from Pro-Lite include a free colour calculator utility, EYEPRO laser safety software, LASCAD laser cavity design software, and the ProSource utility for Radiant Source model light source data files.

Colour Calculator





Colour Calculator Software   Eyepro Software   LAS-CAD Software

Our free colour calculator programme provides professionals with a quick desktop colour reference software. Some of the features included with the Colour Calculator are: CIE 1931 and 1976 UCS graphs; Cx, Cy to u', v' colour conversion utility; delta u'v' interactive charting function; and a facility for charting standard CIE observers as well as single and three colour LED and user-defined spectral power distributions.

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EYEPRO software is a free download which helps you to calculate the eyewear scale numbers (protection levels) you need for your laser. EYEPRO calculates the protection levels you need in accordance with EN 207 and 208. Even better, EYEPRO will also recommend suitable filters and frames from the LASERVISION range that meet these requirements.

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Thermal lensing is one of the key problems which designers of laser cavities for solid-state lasers (SSL, DPSSL etc.) must consider. LASCAD software contains all of the simulation tools necessary to accurately model the performance of a laser resonator, serving as an optical bench on your PC and helping to save time and money.

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Radiant Source Models

ProSource Software   Radiant Source Model    

ProSource software is the viewer utility for Radiant Source Model data files (see right). ProSource also provides the means to output ray sets for optical design and illumination design software. Optical design software formats supported for ray set export include ASAP, FRED, LightTools, SimuLux, SPEOS, TracePro, and ZEMAX.

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A Radiant Source Model (RSM) data file is a complete, angular, near-field measurement of the luminance and colour from an LED or other lamp. Using ProSource (see left), you can import an RSM into your optical design software, which means that you can ray-trace more accurately, reduce development costs and bring products to market more quickly.

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