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SpectraSuite Software

SpectraSuite Software

SpectraSuite is a modular, Java-based spectroscopy software platform that operates on Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Together with an Ocean Optics spectrometer or spectroradiometric system, it provides for absolute spectral irradiance processing and computation of derived radiometric, photometric and colorimetric parameters. With appropriate collection optics, SpectraSuite can also report reflectance, transmittance and absorbance.

The SpectraSuite interface looks and feels the same on all operating systems yet retains the familiar appearance of an application native to each OS. Please note that SpectraSuite for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows 64-bit operating systems is currently in beta release. To get more information, please contact Pro-Lite.

SpectraSuite easily manages multiple USB spectrometers – each with different acquisition parameters – in multiple windows, and provides graphical and numeric representation of spectra from each spectrometer. Using SpectraSuite, you can combine data from multiple sources for applications that include upwelling/downwelling measurements, dual-beam referencing and process monitoring.

The SpectraSuite framework is modular. Among the modules that have been released to date are the core files, Absolute Irradiance processing, and Strip Charts. You or your software application developer can customise SpectraSuite through Java code. OmniDriver developers software is available to assist with programming your own code (see links opposite).

For those working in horticulture and analysing the effects of light source spectrum on plant growth, the optional SpectraSuite-PAR plugin provides a means of measuring Photosynthetically Active Radation (PAR). SpectraSuite-PARS allows you to calculate PAR in the 400 to 700nm range and over ranges defined in 5 user-configurable bins. SpectraSuite-PAR also enables you to log data over time in a tab-delimited file which can be imported into any spreadsheet or database software for reporting purposes.

SpectraSuite provides the user with advanced control of episodic data capture attributes. For instance, a user can acquire data for a fixed number of scans or for a specific interval. Initiation of each scan can be externally triggered or event-driven. Captured data is quickly stored into system memory at speeds as fast as 1 scan per millisecond, with speeds limited only by hardware performance.

Spectroradiometric, Photometric & Colorimetric Capabilities

Based upon spectroradiometric measurements in the visiable wavelength range (380-780nm), SpectraSuite software will calculate a whole gamut of spectroradiometric, photometric and colorimetric parameters.


  • Spectral irradiance (W/m2.nm)
  • Spectral radiant flux (W/nm – with integrating sphere)
  • Spectral radiant intensity (W/sr.nm)
  • Integrated spectral irradiance (W/m2, integrated between user-defined wavelength limits)
  • Spectral radiant energy (J/m2.nm)
  • Integrated spectral radiant energy (J/m2, integrated between user-defined wavelength limits)
  • Irradiance on a logarithmic scale (dBm)
  • Photons/cm2.s
  • Moles of photons
  • eV
  • PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), 400-700nm with optional PARSpec module


  • Illuminance (lux)
  • Luminous flux (lumens – with integrating sphere)
  • Luminous intensity (cd)
  • Photopic and scotopic standard observer functions


  • CIE Tristimulus values, XYZ
  • CIE 1931 2° chromaticity, xyz
  • CIE 1960 10° chromaticity, uvw
  • CIE 1976 10° chromaticity, u’v’w’
  • Colour rendering (CRI), Ra and R1-14
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT, Kelvin)
  • Dominant wavelength & purity
  • CIE whiteness & tint
  • Hunter Lab L*a*b*
  • CIELAB hue-angle & chroma
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