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Spectroradiometers (UV-NIR)

A spectroradiometer functions in a similar way to a photometer or colorimeter but measurements are performed spectrally and the photometric and colorimetric properties are computed. For narrow band sources such as LEDs, discharge lamps, CFLs and LCDs, a spectroradiometric measurement yields more accurate results. Also, spectral measurements are the only way to determine the colour rendering performance of a light source. The table below indicates the measurement capabilities of our various spectroradiometer models:

  Spectral Radiant Flux
Luminous Flux
Spectral Irradiance
Spectral Radiance
  W/nm; lumens W/m2.nm; lux W/sr.m2.nm; cd/m2
Integrating Spheres 


Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometers


CL-500A Spectral
Lux Meter


CL-70F Spectral
Lux Meter

Integrating Spheres   CL-500A   Konica Minolta CL-70F

Labsphere integrating sphere
spectroradiometers provide the fastest means of measuring the total light output of lamps, LEDs, luminaires and solid state lighting. Unlike scanning monochromators, our array spectrometers capture
a full spectrum (350-1000nm) in a flash. Sphere sizes range from 25cm to 3m, which means that we have a solution for testing any size of light fitting. Part of the modular Labsphere spectroradiometer system that includes accessories for measuring spectral irradiance and LED CIE 127 average intensity.

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The Konica Minolta CL-500A is a lux meter based on a spectroradiometer rather than filtered detectors. As a result, the CL-500A gives accurate illuminance and colour readings with any kind of light source - even coloured LEDs. The CL-500A is a simple "point-and-shoot" device that is battery operated and fully portable - no PC is required, although you can download your measurements for storage and analysis if you wish. Being a spectral instrument, the CL-500A can report the colour rendering (CRI, Ra, R1-14) of the light source.

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  The CL-70F is an affordable, hand-portable illuminance spectroradiometer. Being designed to resemble a smart phone means that the CL-70F is compact and easily transported. Being based on a spectrometer helps to ensure that the CL-70F gives accurate readings with any type of light source, including LEDs. Measure the spectrum (380-780nm), illuminance (lux), correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin), CIE chromaticity (xy) and CRI colour rendering indices (Ra, R1-14).

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Specbos Spectroradiometer


CS-2000 Spot Spectroradiometer


WaveGo Spectral Lux Meter

Specbos   CS-2000   WaveGo Light Meter

The Specbos is a fast, miniaturised, broadband spectroradiometer covering the visible wavelength range from 250-1100nm. The Specbos can be used for measurements of both spectral irradiance and spectral radiance, with measurement spot sizes from 4mm. A built-in red laser pointing device allows you to easily aim the Specbos at the desired measurement spot. The Specbos reports illuminance, luminance, CIE chromaticity, CCT, dominant wavelength and colour rendering (CRI, Ra).

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The CS-2000 is a high-performance spot spectroradiometer that performs measurements of spectral radiance in the 380 - 780nm visible wavelength range for testing the luminance and chroaticity of displays and light sources. With a sensitivity of 0.003 cd/m2 and exceptionally low stray light performance, the CS-2000 is capable of measuring contrast ratios of up to 100,000:1.

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The WaveGo from Ocean Optics is a handheld spectral light meter powered by your smartphone. With an optical resolution of 3nm FWHM, the WaveGo achieves an absolute colorimetric accuracy that far exceeds its compact size and affordable price. Measure  spectrum (350-800nm), illuminance (lux), melanopic lux, correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin), CIE chromaticity (xy), CRI colour rendering indices (Ra, R1-14), PAR and TM-30 Rf and Rg colour rendering.

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