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SR-Series Laboratory Spectroradiometers

The SR-series are very high performance, laboratory spectroradiometers for the range from 280-2500nm. The all-solid-state design has no moving parts and features a silicon array (cooled and un-cooled options) for the UV-VIS-NIR band, with one or two TE-cooled InGaAs arrays for the SWIR band.


All-Solid State Design

The SR-series are full-range (280-2500nm), field-portable spectroradiometers. TE-cooled SWIR1 and SWIR2 detector arrays and the option of a cooled silicon array for the short wave band (model SR-4500) result in improved resolution, speed of operation, and ruggedness which makes the PSR ideal for scientific research out of the laboratory. The cooled InGaAs array detectors provide for upgraded performance in the SWIR 1 and 2 regions and give a much improved signal-to-noise ratio for high quality spectral acquisition.


  • Remote sensing: vegetation; geological; soil; water; ground truth hyperspectral imagery
  • Mining: exploration; mineral analysis
  • Lab/general photonics: portable radiometric transfer for calibrating satellite imaging instruments; solar simulators (verification of class A-B-C)


  • Screw-on 4, 8 & 14 deg FOV lenses
  • Down-welling cosine diffuser
  • Direct attach lenses for best throughput
  • Fibre attach lenses
  • Pistol grip accessory
  • Illuminated contact probe for surface reflectance measurements (w/ internal lamp)
  • Integrating sphere
  • Leaf clip accessory with remote illumination

Choose Your Model

The SR-series comprises nine standard models which differ in terms of their wavelength range and resolution, based upon the number of SWIR cooled InGaAs array sensors fitted and the choice of a cooled or room-termperature silicon array sensor:

SR-4500  350-2500nm Cooled Silicon Cooled InGaAs Cooled InGaAs
SR-3500* 350-2500nm Silicon Cooled InGaAs  Cooled InGaAs
SR-3501  280-1900nm Silicon Cooled InGaAs  Cooled InGaAs
SR-2500  350-2500nm Silicon Cooled InGaAs -
SR-1901**  280-1900nm Silicon Cooled InGaAs -
SR-1901PT**  280-1900nm Silicon Cooled InGaAs -
SR-1600  300-1700nm Silicon Cooled InGaAs -
SR-500  320-1100nm Silicon - -

* The SR-3500 is available as a "remote sensing" value bundle, model RS-3500. The package includes DARWin SP software, a fibre with option of lens, radiance calibration, batteries, a hard case, a backpack, the Getac PDA, a reflectance standard and the pistol grip probe.

** The SR-1901 and SR-1901P are portable spectroradiometers intended for solar simulation application, and used for the test and classification of pulsed (PT version) and continuous solar simulators. They come with a NIST-traceable irradiance calibration. For pulsed measurements, the PT employs a separate photodiode which triggers the measurement.

The "signature" model is  the SR-4500 which employs three, TE-cooled silicon and InGaAs arrays for a single broadband scan with the highest spectral resolution from 350-2500nm and the highest sensitivity of any comparable instrument. It is purpose-designed for spectral radiance calibration transfer with satellite imaging instrumentation. Reference users include leading NMIs and space institutes. A key feature is the very low (1%) drift from a cold start.

DARWin SP Software

DARWin SP spectral acquisition software is supplied as standard for data collection, averaging, storage and display of reflectance, radiance or irradiance spectra.

  • Windows 7-8-10 compatible, 32- or 64-bit operating systems.
  • Controls spectrometers via ethernet, USB or Bluetooth
  • Saves all data as ASCII files (on-board memory for up to 1000 spectra)
  • Load & view multiple data files for visual interpretation
  • Import data files from internal memory
  • Download and view PDA files (spectral data, GPS, digital photo and voice notes)
  • Works with the EZ-ID sample ID software with custom library module
  • Software not locked to any one PC
  • Data export option for third party software, e.g. SpecMIN, TSG, GRAMs

An accessory Getac remote control PDA is available. This is IP68-rated and uses the Windows Mobile OS which runs DARWin software. You can read the screen in direct sunlight. It has a built-in GPS sensor to geo tag each scan, a built-in camera and can take 20s voice memos. It has an 8 hour battery life. and is perfect for field use.

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