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Photometric Training Course 

Pro-Lite provides training courses in photometry and light measurement, in photobiological safety (with reference to EN 62471) and in laser safety (with reference to EN 60825). To download our training couse brochure click here and for dates of our training courses click here.

Laser Safety Training
[EN 60825]


Photometry & Light Measurement


Photobiological Safety [EN 62471]


Laser Safety   Photometry   Laser Safety

Pro-Lite is pleased to present LASERVISION's acclaimed laser safety awareness tutorial and laser safety officer training. The awareness tutorial aims to explain the risks, your rights and your responsibilities when working with lasers.The tutorial is intended to be easily understood, low on maths and perfect for those working with lasers in industry, universities, hospitals and research institutes who wish to keep up to date with laser safety. The optional training on the second day expands upon the introductory course and is intended for those who serve as laser safety officers.

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Lighting is an exciting and rapidly developing area - LEDs and solid state lighting promise not only energy efficiency but also design flexibility. Yet LED specifications are often mistrusted. Together with measurement service specialists Photometric Testing, Pro-Lite holds regular one day training courses in photometry and light measurement that help you to understand LED and lighting specifications, to seperate truth from fiction and show you how to measure and express the output of your products. An optional half day practical session is offered on the morning after each training course where delegates can gain hands-on experience with the latest, state-of-the-art measurement equipment.

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The reappraisal of the place of LEDs in safety standards has had a significant impact of the process of bringing to market products containing LEDs or any other non-laser source of optical radiation, whether the emission of light be the primary purpose of the product or not.  From CE marking to consideration of employee safety under the auspices of the EU artificial optical radition directive, a well defined legal framework is now in place..

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