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Labsphere TruLume CCS LED Colour Tunable Calibration Source

Labsphere TruLume Intgerating Sphere Uniform Light Sources

Colour tunable uniform light source simplifies image sensor testing

The Labsphere TruLume CCS is a spectrally tunable, flat-fielding uniform light source which simplifies the testing of image sensors, digital cameras and camera sub-assemblies by eliminating multiple steps and different light sources in the colour and aberation correction process. The CCS is an integrating sphere built upon a novel LED light engine which provides for selectable CIE standard illuminanants as well as "free-form" spectral power distributions in the visible and NIR bands (up to 950nm).

TruLume tunable camera calibration sources are innovative light metrology devices that let those working with image sensors and camera modules develop the next generation of imaging devices. The spectrally (colour) tunable source simplifies and enhances production testing of camera modules by eliminating multiple steps in the image quality correction process, with a choice of uniform standard illuminants and colours from one compact and robust source.


  • Consumer electronic devices
  • Cameras and camera sub-assemblies
  • Sensors used on autonomous vehicles
  • Colour correction of imaging colorimeters and spectroradiometers

The CCS simplifies the measurement of the following camera parameters:

  • White balance
  • Quantum efficiency
  • Vignetting correction
  • SNR
  • Spatial non uniformity
  • Pixel defects
  • Channel cross talk

» Click here to download the TruLume CCS datasheet

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