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Labsphere TruLume QES Monochromatic Source for QE Measurements

Labsphere TruLume QES Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

Tunable, monochromatic source for sensor quantum efficiency testing

Labsphere’s TruLume QES spectral irradiance/radiance source standard provides known levels of uniform monochromatic illumination over the spectral sensitivity range of silicon-based optical sensors. The QES is used for testing and characterising imaging sensors for spectral responsivity and quantum efficiency, linearity and bad pixels and pixel clusters of image sensors.

For the image sensor industry, accurate knowledge of a sensor's electro-optical quantum efficiency is essential to optimising product performance. A well characterised sensor allows device integrators to specify and tailor the input optics and spectral filtering and apply performance enhancing corrections through the end product.

With TruLume QES you can measure a sensor's quantum efficiency, spectral responsivity and linearity.

TruLume QES has the following features:

  • Highest light levels and dynamic range to meet the demands of image sensor characterisation
  • Uniform spectral irradiance across the entire sensor ensures consistent comparative results and correction
  • Controllable monochromatic light levels allowing the largest gamut for testing multiple electro-optical devices
  • Real-time, NIST traceable spectral irrandiance/radiance measurement
  • Software Development Kit for rapid development of user defined test protocols

» Click here to download the TruLume QES datasheet

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