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Labsphere TruLume SSL LED Luminance Calibration Source

Labsphere TruLume Intgerating Sphere Uniform Light Sources

An LED luminance reference standard for calibrating photometers

Labsphere’s TruLume LED solid state luminance (SSL) calibration standard is a temperature-regulated integrating sphere uniform source which provides a stable luminance and a cool white CCT. The TruLume white calibration standard allows for a more consistent, higher accuracy calibration to be applied across multiple measurement devices and over multiple sites, which in turn improves the repeatability of display colour and brightness.

Many mobile devices (e.g. smart phones, tablet computers) have LCD displays that are backlit with cool white LEDs. These LEDs have a strong peak in the blue region to excite the phosphor that produces the visible cool white appearance. The photometers, spectrometers and colorimeters used to measure these displays are generally calibrated with reference to a tungsten halogen source which can result in inconsistent measurement results of the displays due to spectral mismatch errors. The SSL-1000 sources were developed to correct and normalise the photometer or spectrometer's calibratio, with a spectrum that matches that of the display backlight. As a result, the absolute colorimetric accuracy of your measurements is improved, and all of your measurement devices (on-site and between sites) read the same.

There are two TruLume SSL calibration source models:

  • SSL-1000 has a 25.5 mm diameter reference port
  • SSL-1010 has a 40.0 mm diameter reference port

» Click here to download the TruLume SSL datasheet

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