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Labsphere TruLume LED Uniform Sources for Image Sensor Testing

Labsphere TruLume Intgerating Sphere Uniform Light Sources

Integrating sphere light sources provide uniform radiance and irradiance

An internally illuminated integrating sphere (otherwise known as a "uniform light source") provides spatially uniform luminance and illuminance which is perfect for flat-field correcting and calibrating image sensors and camera systems, calibrating photometers and spectroradiometers and for testing detector arrays and remote sensing instruments. Integrating sphere-based sources exhibit a luminance uniformity at the 98-99% level over the full exit port area, which is significantly higher than can be achieved using alternative techniques. Labsphere TruLume uniform light source systems are ideally suited for flat-fielding and pixel gain normalisation of cameras and array detectors (CCD, CMOS). For details on Labsphere HELIOS uniform light sources - which are commonly used for testing remote sensing instrumentation - click here.

ALS Spectrally Tunable Source


CCS Spectrally Tunable Source


SSL Tunable LED Light Engine

Labsphere ALS Uniform Light Source   Labsphere ALS Uniform Light Source   Labsphere SSL LED Light Engine Uniform Light Source

Labsphere’s TruLume ALS spectrally tunable calibration source simplifies the testing of ambient light sensors by eliminating multiple steps and different light sources in the spectral response optimisation and correction process. The TruLume ALS is an integrating sphere uniform light source which serves as a single, colour-tunable source with selectable standard illuminants.

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The Labsphere TruLume CCS is a spectrally tunable, flat-fielding uniform light source which simplifies the testing of image sensors, digital cameras and camera sub-assemblies by eliminating multiple steps and different light sources in the colour and aberation correction process. The CCS is an integrating sphere built upon a novel LED light engine which provides for selectable CIE standard illuminanants as well as "free-form" spectral power distributions in the visible and NIR bands (up to 950nm).

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Labsphere's programmable multi-spectral, colour-tunable LED light engine (per the ALS and CCS uniform calibration sources) is available as a sub-assembly for use with customised uniform light sources. Compared to our standard systems which employ fixed CCT tungsten halogen or discharge lamp illumination, the SSL LED engine can provide an endless number of user selected spectrums for uniformly illuminating spectrally sensitive image sensors.

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SSL LED Colour Luminance Standard


QES Monochromatic Tunable Source

Labsphere SSL LED Calibration Standard Uniform Light Source   Labsphere QES Detector Quantum Efficiency Measurement System    

Labsphere’s TruLume LED solid state luminance (SSL) calibration standard is a temperature-regulated integrating sphere uniform source which provides a stable luminance and a cool white CCT. The TruLume white calibration standard allows for a more consistent, higher accuracy calibration to be applied across multiple measurement devices and over multiple sites, which in turn improves the repeatability of display colour and brightness.

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Labsphere’s TruLume QES spectral irradiance/radiance source standard provides known levels of uniform monochromatic illumination over the spectral sensitivity range of silicon-based optical sensors. The QES is used for testing and characterising imaging sensors for spectral responsivity and quantum efficiency, linearity and bad pixels and pixel clusters of image sensors.

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