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Labsphere HELIOS Uniform Light Sources

Labsphere HELIOS Uniform Light Sources

Integrating sphere light sources provide uniform radiance and irradiance

Labsphere’s new HELIOS line of uniform sources of luminance and radiance offers a modular, scalable product family combining the best features from Labsphere’s 35+ years of uniform source product innovation. All systems are delivered with LabVIEW® software drivers and intelligent system components for active system control from within your existing infrastructure. HELIOS uniform sources are offered in a wide range of standard and custom models to meet your unique technical needs and budget, each one callibrated with the lowest commercially available uncertainty in the industry.

Labsphere has gained a reputation as the world leader in ground-based calibration systems for large earth observing satellites, imaging systems and remote sensing optical calibration solutions. We are committed to always being on the cutting edge in measurement uncertainty and system performance to help facilitate the next generation of space science, remote sensing, climate science and military surveillance instrumentation.

Every application demands a unique solution and this is what Labsphere’s HELIOS line of uniform light sources provides. When choosing your HELIOS uniform light source, consider the following parameters:

  • Your target radiance or luminance (high to low, extra-terrestrial to night vision)
  • Your desired spectrum and colour temperature (<1500K to >6500K)
  • The luminance/radiance dynamic range and resolution (i.e. the range and number of steps of brightness needed)
  • Your field of view (are you using the source for uniform illumination or as a source of extended area uniform luminance, and if so, what is your view angle?)
  • What level of uniformity do you need?
  • What aperture size do you need?

For Labsphere's TruLume family of LED uniform light sources used to test electronic imaging equipment and image sensors, please click here.

Labsphere HELIOS Uniform Light Source 

HELIOS Uniform Light Sources

There are over 50 standard HELIOS configurations available that span a huge range of validated, tested and characterised uniform light sources. Additionally, HELIOS' modular design, open architecture software, flexible spectra and future-proofed expandability enables users to meet demanding testing challenges in hyperspectral, multispectral, SWIR and VIS-NIR optical regimes.

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A Custom Large Area Uniform Light Source from Labsphere 

Customised Uniform Light Sources

We welcome enquiries for bespoke uniform light sources. We have also worked on some of the most advanced uniform light sources which can be tailored to provide high brightness, large area, defined spectral power distributions, vacuum compatibility and ultra-high uniformity. Whatever your needs, you'll find Pro-Lite and Labsphere able to help.

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