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CO2 Lasers

CO2 lasers from 10 - 400W for OEM Applications

Pro-Lite is partnered with Universal Laser Systems (ULS) to offer an expanded range of CO2 lasers for industrial OEM applications. The ULS range now includes a single-resonator 200 Watt laser and an optically-combined dual resonator 400 Watt laser. Both lasers are fully-integrated with built-in RF power supplies and patented (patent # 7,715,454) in-line air cooling, making them the first and only air-cooled lasers available in the 200-400W power range.

These lasers employ a folded, slab resonator design making them compact and adaptable to a multitude of applications with excellent beam quality and power stability. A new, robust RF power supply design operates on 48 Volts DC and includes a communication port for monitoring laser status. Temperature-controlled fans allow quiet operation at lower duty cycles. Both lasers are optionally available with a pointer. Water cooling is also an option.

10 to 150W Lasers

Universal's ULR-series of OEM CO2 lasers are based on a sealed, RF-pumped, slab design that produces a high-quality beam. These lasers can be operated in CW mode or modulated to control average power. Modulation is accomplished by varying the pulse width of the input signal.

In the 10 to 150W lasers, RF electrodes are spaced apart to allow the laser beam to form without influence of the electrodes, delivering excellent near and far-field beam quality with minimal wave-guide effects. The folded resonator design allows generation of high power in a compact package. Universal's lasers require no consumables and deliver a very long lifetime.

Cooling Options

Four cooling options are available for Universal's ULR series of CO2 lasers: 


► Integrated Air

ULR lasers configured for integrated air cooling contain fans and heat sinks designed to allow the laser to operate efficiently with no external cooling.


► Integrated Water

ULR lasers configured for water cooling are equipped with two "instant tube fittings" designed for 3/8" OD tubing. The cooling system is designed to use distilled water.


► Basic Air

ULR lasers configured for basic air cooling do not include fans. The integrator is responsible for ensuring adequate cooling, per ULS specifications.


► Basic Water

ULR lasers configured for basic water cooling use the same cooling system as the integrated water option, but do not include a cover over the laser assembly, have a different shaped baseplate and are not compatible with special output options.

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