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Labsphere UV-2000S In-Vitro Sunscreen Analyser

Labsphere UV-2000S Sunscreen Analyser

Instantaneous sunscreen SPF protection factor plus full compliance with the latest ISO, COLIPA UVAPF & Boots Star Rating methods

Labsphere's UV-2000S is the only affordable UV transmittance spectrophotometer that fully complies with the requirements of the latest COLIPA UVAPF and Boots Star Rating sunscreen testing methods. The UV-2000S is the successor to the UV-1000S which became the defacto standard for in-vitro sunscreen testing. Building on that instrument's speed and ease of use, the UV-2000S adds a higher absorbance sensitivity (2.7A) to support the development of the highest protection factor sunscreens (50+, "very high" rating). The UV-2000S design is fully compliant with the requirements of the latest industry standards from COLIPA and Boots and the machine includes updated, method-driven software to simplify the measurement process. Our early adopters report a 100% return on investment within months which means that they can bring new and improved sunscreen formulations to market more quickly and at lower cost.

Fast Measurements

The UV-2000S provides literally instantaneous measurements. To those of you more used to old fashioned scanning monochromator-based instruments, prepare to be amazed! At its heart, the UV-2000S is a dedicated UV transmittance spectrophotometer that measures the diffuse transmittance (250-450nm) of a controlled amount of sunscreen sample applied to a transparent substrate. The Spectralon integrating sphere incorporates an optimised xenon flashlamp to provide diffuse illumination of the sunscreen sample and minimise measurement integration time. New, high-performance diode array spectrometers coupled by advanced fibre optics are optimised at the system level for low stray light with superior wavelength stability and flash-to-flash repeatability. The use of a xenon flashlamp both minimises sample heating effects and promotes a greatly extended lamp life compared to instruments which employ a continuous xenon lamp. In addition, the UV-2000S emits no unpleasant ozone, unlike instruments which burn a xenon lamp continuously.


  • One touch sample analysis, with results in less than five seconds (per location, per slide). 
  • Manual translation stage for accurate sample positioning, pre-and post-irradiation. 
  • Easy-to-use, menu-driven application software. 
  • Simple instrument performance validation routine ensures accurate, repeatable measurements. 
  • Advanced software supports "free-style" testing as well as method-driven tests in accordance with the COLIPA and Boots procedures. 
  • Automatic calculation of SPF, UVA to UVB ratio, critical wavelength, 2007 COLIPA UVA-PF method, 2008 Boots Star Rating and proposed 2009 FDA UVA:UVB ratio method.  

New & Improved

Many improvements are incorporated in to the UV-2000S to realise a new industry defacto standard for in-vitro sun care product analysis. System improvements include new spectrometers, a xenon flash lamp, improved optical coupling fibres, a new optical head positioning mechanism, a sample positioning stage and a new, robust software development platform. The new diode array spectrometers feature stable, concave diffractive optics for measurement integrity and repeatability, original holographic diffraction gratings (rather than replicated gratings) which are peaked for higher efficiency across the 290-400nm UV wavelength range, and longer pixel arrays for better pixel wavelength resolution. Illumination is now filtered at the integrating sphere to limit total exposure at the sample and to improve stray light performance. A higher flash rate reduces exposure times, minimising dark current and maximising dynamic range. Use of solarisation resistant fibres maintains high system throughput over time. Longer fibres filter higher order modes to provide cleaner grating illumination which in turn improves stray light performance.

Accurate SPF & UVA Results Even with Highly Absorbing Formulations

The UV-2000S provides a minimum absorbance sensitivity of 2.7A at all wavelengths between 290 and 400nm. This exceeds the 2.2A requirement of the 2007 Colipa UVAPF method and helps to ensure that the UV-2000S can be relied upon to give accurate SPF, UVAPF and Star Rating results even with the highest factor sunscreens (SPF 50+).
A leading UK sunscreen manufacturer bought two UV-2000s in autumn 2008 and is well placed to comment on its performance. "... the dynamic range of the UV-2000S is much improved compared with the UV-1000S enabling us to measure Star Ratings more confidently for higher absorbing materials. All-in-all, the UV-2000S is a great improvement on the UV-1000S both in terms of sensitivity of measurement and ease of use". Ciba Grenzach in Germany also tested the UV-2000S and their test report confirms our instrument's suitability for measuring high absorbance formulation. Click here to download the report. The absorbance sensitivity of the UV-1000S compared with the UV-2000S is presented in a Pro-Lite report - click here to view this data.

Powerful Application Software

The UV-2000S software was developed within the Microsoft .NET Framework. The software includes modular architecture and supports the latest UI elements. The software supports the COLIPA UVA-PF method and is expandable to include new industry or regional methods as they occur. The software facilitates capture/archival/retrieval and export of all data including bare substrate data that may impact UVA-PF due to surface roughness. The UV-2000S application software includes an integrated Performance Validation Routine that allows for on-site validation and re-validation to ensure optimum instrument performance. A set of calibrated standards, including a wavelength standard that captures six relevant spectral bands, is included with each UV-2000S Transmittance Analyser.

The latest UV-2000S software, version 1.10, now incorporates an additional method that meets proposed FDA rules for the sunscreen in-vitro UVA/UVB protection factor. The updated UV-2000S software is supplied with all new instruments, while existing users can purchase an annual UV-2000S software licence which means that they will receive automatic updates as and when the software is revised to take account of new standards and regulations.

Labsphere UV-2000S Software

A built-in report function generates essential information at the click of a button. Reports include necessary information such as date, time, operator name, sample identification, and test parameters. Reports are conveniently viewed on your PC, printed, or exported as text to data processing software for further review and analysis.

ISO Upgrade Kit

In conjunction with the publication of ISO standard 24443:2012 ("Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro"), Labsphere’s UV-2000S software upgrade kit is now available from Pro-Lite to assist manufacturers comply with the new global standard for SPF measurements including the COLIPA method, the revised Boots Star Rating, ISO 24443 and the 2011 FDA sunscreen testing methods. Click here for further information on the upgrade kit


Easy to Operate

The UV-2000S incorporates as standard a manually operated sample translation stage that is both easy to use and simplifies the process of measuring the same locations on a test substrate both before and after solar irradiation. The sample stage accomodates PMMA plates with sizes of 50 x 50mm, 70 x 70mm and 75 x 75mm. A selection of standard "templates" is supplied for standard spot locations; user-designed templates can be easily fabricated and installed into the sample stage. Whereas the UV-1000S operator was required to lift the integrating sphere illuminator to insert and remove each test slide, the UV-2000S sample stage conveniently slides the PMMA plate beneath the sphere without the need to raise the sphere for access.

Labsphere UV-2000S Sample Positioning Stage

» Download a video clip of the UV-2000S sample positioning stage

Education, Education, Education!

Never underestimate the importance that expert training will have on your ability to get the most out of your investment in a UV-2000S. Pro-Lite provides on-site installation and operator training in both the use of the UV-2000S and its software, and in the COLIPA and Boots test methods. Training is provided as an additional cost option to UV-2000S customers.

Also on your Shopping List ...

The UV-2000S is just part of the investment you'll need to make if you wish to perform tests in accordance with the COLIPA and Boots methods. In addition, you should make sure you have access to the equipment and supplies listed below. A sample preparation starter kit for the UV-2000S is available - click here for details.

  • An analytical balance with 0.1mg precision.
  • solar simulator with calibrated radiometer.
  • A positive displacement pipette.
  • A supply of PMMA plates for sample application.
  • A set of UV doped PMMA plates for instrument absorbance verification.
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