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VISO Light Inspector Goniophotometer Software

VISO Light Inspector Software

The VISO Light Inspector software is an intuitive user interface and it is included with all Viso light measurement products (goniophotometers and flicker meter). The software shows all the data being measured in real time and the photometric results are graphically represented to give you a fast overview of all measurements. Light Inspector can be installed on any Windows PC running Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, both 32- and 64-bit versions.

Report Designer

VISO Goniophotometer Test Report

Example Full Light Inspector Test Report

From version 4.89 of the Light Inspector software you can design customised PDF test reports. This powerful new feature allows you to fully customise your report design to match your corporate identity by using Microsoft Word to create and edit your own report templates. This feature allows you to add your company logo to the report also gives you the option to only show the measurement data which is relevant for your type of product. The Light Inspector software is the first to allow you full control over your reporting, thus reducing your workflow. Lighting product data sheets can now go directly from the photometric laboratory to your website without the need for post-design by your marketing team. An example of a full photometric test report is shown above (click to open).

Measurement and Reporting Parameters

The following photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters are measured and reported by VISO's LIght Inspector software:

  • Total luminous flux (lumens)
  • Useful lumens (per EU 1194/2012 ecodesign regulation)
  • Zonal flux (lumens)
  • Stabilisation time (minutes)
  • Peak luminous intensity (candelas)
  • Cone & ISO illuminance (lux)
  • PPFD (photon flux density)
  • Unified glare rating (UGR)
  • CIE 1931 & 1960 chromaticity coordinates (xy, uv, Duv)
  • Correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin)
  • Colour rendering index (CRI, Ra & R1-14)
  • Colour rendering index (IES TM30, Rf & Rg)
  • Colour rendering (CQS, Q1-14)
  • Spectral power distribution (360-830nm)
  • Beam angle (degrees)
  • Beam shape for defined C-planes (luminous intensity versus angle of inclination & azimuth, available as polar charts & delimited text)
  • Power consumption (Watts)
  • Power factor
  • Luminous efficacy (lumens/Watt)
  • Optional: flicker metrics

Track & Trace Your Measurements

Light Inspector software now includes a "Track & Trace" security function. Track and trace (once enabled in the software) ensures the integrity of your measurement data and test reports. All data is automatically stored to the VISO cloud tracking server with a unique tracking number, including the measurement time, date and location. Given how easy it is to edit an IES or LDT file, storing your original test data and reports on the VISO server provides a clear benefit to your customers that your test data has not been tampered with by a third party. This tracking function also assists a busy development team keep tabs on the effects of multiple design iterations.

The unique tracking number is embedded in the IES and LDT files which makes measurements fully traceable by time and date allowing for full transparency between supplier and buyer as well as by internal organisations.

Horticultural Lighting

VISO Light Inspector software also supports the measurement of lighting products intended for horticultural (plant growth) applications. Where a lamp is used in a normal domestic or commercial application, we quantify its output in lumens and candelas. For plants, different metrics are employed which speak to the photosynthetically active radiation. The most common metric is the PPF value, which is the number of photons radiated by a lamp in the 400-700nm spectral band. Because all VISO goniophotometers employ spectroradiometric measurements, the PPF value can be calcluated for any of your tests. Each time you make a measurement, the spectrum of light is recorded, so you can swap between photometric and PPF values at any time. Light Inspector also allows you to generate 3D files units of PPFD (photon flux density) as IES and LDT files. This way, you can use existing lighting CAD software such as Dialux and AGI32 to model horticultural lighting schemes. The image below shows a PPFD distribution.


3D PPFD (Photon Flux Density) Model for a Greenhouse
Created From a VISO IES File

Software Specifications

  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8 and 10 (32- & 64-bit)
  • Save or email any measurements
  • Detailed power analysis with power scope
  • Automatic light gain control
  • Realtime spectra and power update for quick analysis
  • Attach one or more pictures to your measurements and reports
  • Use webcam to snap a picture as a quick reference
  • Export file formats: .pdf; .png; .ies; .ldt; .csv (for Excel)
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Key Features
> Control of all VISO
> Customised test reports
> Add your logo and product
   image to reports
> Export to .ies, .ldt, .csv & .pdf
> Track & trace test data via
   VISO Cloud server

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