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VISO LightSpion Portable Goniophotometer

VISO LightSpion Goniophotometer

The LightSpion from Viso Systems is a portable type C goniophotometer that is perfect for measuring lamps, LED modules and other small light sources. The affordable LightSpion can accomodate a maximum lamp size of 8cm diameter, weighing up to 2kg. An optional extender is available for the LightSpion which increases the measurement distance to 180cm, allowing for a maximum sample size of 22cm and weight up to 4kg.

Measure Small Light Sources of Any Kind

VISO LightSpion Goniophotometer

What Photometric & Colorimetric Parameters Does LightSpion Measure?

  • Total luminous flux (lumens)
  • Useful lumens (per EU 1194/2012)
  • Zonal flux (lumens)
  • Stabilisation time (minutes)
  • Peak luminous intensity (candelas)
  • Cone & ISO illuminance (lux)
  • PPFD (photon flux density)
  • Unified glare rating (UGR)
  • CIE 1931 & 1960 chromaticity coordinates (xy, uv, Duv)
  • Correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin)
  • Colour rendering index (CRI, Ra & R1-14)
  • Colour rendering index (IES TM30, Rf & Rg)
  • Colour rendering (CQS, Q1-14)
  • Spectral power distribution (360-830nm)
  • Beam angle (degrees)
  • Beam shape (luminous intensity versus angle of inclination & azimuth)
  • Power consumption (Watts)
  • Power factor
  • Luminous efficacy (lumens/Watt)
  • Optional: flicker metrics
  • Output formats: IES, LDT, CSV, customisable PDF

Fast, Accurate & Portable

The LightSpion is above all an accurate goniophotometer that just happens to be housed within its own, highly portable, waterproof "suitcase" (the LightSpion weighs just 5kg in its case). LightSpion is perfect for testing and generating .ies or .ldt photometric data files from small lamps and LED modules, with a maximum sample size of 80mm and a maximum sample weight of 2kg. With a motorised inclination axis (the azimuth angle - or C-plane - is rotated manually), a lamp can be measured within 30 seconds. Being based on a spectroradiometer (rather than on a traditional photometer), LightSpion not only gives you information on total luminous flux (lumens), peak intensity (candelas) and beam shape, it also tells you the colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin) and colour rendering of the light source. The LightSpion features an integrated power analyser and is supplied with its own reference lamp which can be used to verify your calibration at any time without the need for external support. Control of the LightSpion is from a (customer-provided) Windows PC running VISO's Light Inspector software - click here for details.

Linear Light Sources

VISO LightSpion GoniophotometerThe LightSpion can measure any light source up to 8cm in diameter. In addition, it can also measure small linear lamps, such as LED strips and tubes (as shown in the image to the right). The linear lamp in mounted on the bracket, then a small section of the lamp is sampled. Then the true length of the lamp is entered into the VISO Light Inspector software, which then extrapolates to the full photometric data for the whole lamp.

EU Eco-Design Regulations

The LightSpion supports the EU eco-design regulations (EU No 1194/2012), which require directional lamps to be measured in a 90° or a 120° cone. A simple selection of the measurement cone of either 90° or 120° sets the automatic calculation. The measurement of so-called "useful lumens" requires a goniophotometric measurement; useful lumens cannot be measured using a traditional integrating sphere.

Optional Extender for Compact Downlighter Luminaires

VISO LightSpion ExtenderAn optional extender is available for the LightSpion that allows the goniophotometer to accomodate larger and heavier samples, up to 22cm diameter and 4kg. To install the LightSpion extender, you just connect the platform with the previously installed LightSpion suitcase through an RJ45 connector. The VISO Light Inspector software then detects the extender and automatically adjusts the calibration data according to the new setup. A bracket allows for fast and simple adjustment of the azimuth axis (selection of C-plane), while the lamp is centred using the sliding lamp bracket.

Optional Flicker Measurements

VISO LabFlicker Flicker PhotometerYou can add a flicker measurement capability to your LightSpion goniophotometer by choosing an optional high speed photometer (shown to the right). The VISO LabFlicker photometer seamlessly integrates with Light Inspector software to give you the flicker percentage, flicker index, flicker frequency and SVM index for your lamp.

The LabFlicker photometer can be used as a standalone device, but its real power is released when used together with the VISO LightSpion, BaseSpion or LabSpion goniophotometers, as all the flicker parameters are incorporated into the full photometric test report.

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Key Specifications
> Goniometer type: far-field, IES
   type C (horizontal)
> Conformity: EN13032-4:2015
> Max lamp size: 80mm dia.
> Max lamp weight: 2kg
> With extender: 220mm (4kg)
> Flux: 10-100,000 lumens
> Intensity: 0.5-50,000 candelas

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