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WaveGo Spectral Light Meter

Ocean Optics WaveGo Spectral Light Meter

The WaveGo from Ocean Optics is a handheld spectral light meter powered by your smartphone. With an optical resolution of 3nm FWHM, the WaveGo achieves an absolute colorimetric accuracy that far exceeds its compact size and affordable price point of £1,600 + VAT.

With WaveGo, you can measure absolute spectral irradiance in W/m2 from 350-800nm, illuminance (lux), melanopic lux, correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin), CIE chromaticity (xy, uv, u'v'), CIE 13.3 colour rendering indices (Ra, R1-14), photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and IES TM-30 Rf and Rg colour rendering.

WaveGo Screenshots

WaveGo is powered from your Android smartphone or tablet computer (purcased separately) and controlled from the easy-to-use WaveGo app. You can see results in real-time and instantly record multiple measurements. You can add notes, customise file names and add GPS and time/date stamps. Your measurements can be saved to the smartphone and you can email raw data or PDF reports.

Data management is effortless - the WaveGo app allows you to search historical measurements saved on your phone and instantly share results by email. Coming soon - Cloud integration will allow you to access your results anywhere!

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