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Hyperspectral Imagers

Pro-Lite supplies advanced hyperspectral, multispectral and infrared imaging systems. Our supplier partners are Cubert (real-time, "snapshot" imagers for 355-1000nm), NEO (HySpex "push-broom" hyperspectral line-scan imagers, 400-2500nm) and Photon etc (hyperspectral luminescence & Raman microscopy, IR imagers and tunable filters & sources). A spectral imager is a hybrid camera-spectrometer where the “image” is a 3D data-cube, and the third dimension corresponds to the spectral information.

Hyperspectral Microscopy


Infrared Imagers
(MCT & InGaAs)


NIR-II Multispectral Preclinical Imager

Photon etc IMA Hyperspectral Microscopy Platform   Photon etc IR Camera   Photon etc IR VIVO NIR Multispectral Imager

Photon etc's IMA™ and RIMA hyperspectral microscopic imaging platforms provide high spectral and spatial resolution in the VIS-NIR-SWIR bands for mapping a combination of Raman, photoluminescence, electroluminescence, fluorescence, reflectance, and/or transmittance. Applications include non-invasive imaging for material and biomedical sciences.

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Photon etc's range of affordable HgCdTe (MCT) and InGaAs SWIR cameras are sensitive from 800nm to 2.9µm with capture speeds as high as 340 frame-per-second. Low image noise is assured by either a four-stage TE or a Stirling micro cooler. Applications include IR hyperspectral imaging, as well as astronomy or industrial quality control and sorting.

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The IR-VIVO™ from Photon etc is an NIR-II preclinical multispectral imaging system which provides non-invasive spectral imaging in the first (NIR) and second (NIR-II) biological windows, from 900-1620nm. The IR-VIVO provides multispectral ohyperspectral infrared imaging for in-vivo research on small animals or other living organisms.

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Push-Broom Hyperspectral


Real-Time Hyperspectral


Real-Time Multispectral

HySpex Hyperspectral Imager     Multispectral Imager

HySpex cameras by NEO provide high sensitivity, hyperspectral imaging in the 400-1000nm and 900-2500nm spectral bands and are suitable for laboratory, ground and airborne applications. HySpex cameras employ linescan sensor technology to provide the highest precision in spectral imaging.

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Hyperspectral and multispectral snapshot imaging systems from Cubert combine light weight with a rugged design to provide high speed, real-time (or "snapshot") spectral imaging in the 355-1000nm wavelength range.

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Real-time multispectral imagers are based on 2D sensors overlaid with an array of discrete, bandpass filters. A multispectral imager provides reduced a more limited spectral dataset but provides a distinct advantage in terms of measurement speed.

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Tunable Filters & Sources



Photon etc Tunable Laser Filter        

Photon etc's Laser Line Tunable Filter (LLTF) is a non-dispersive tunable bandpass filter based on volume holographic gratings. When used in conjunction with a supercontinuum laser, it combines high throughput with high optical density and out-of-band rejection. A single filter can be tuned from 400-1000nm or 1000-2300nm with bandwidths of <2.5 or 5nm.

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