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Hyperspectral Imagers

Pro-Lite supplies advanced hyperspectral and multispectral imaging systems from Cubert (real-time, snapshot imagers, 355-1000nm), NEO (HySpex line-scan imagers, 400-2500nm) and from SphereOptics (submersible snapshot - powered by Cubert). A spectral imager is a hybrid camera-spectrometer where the “image” is a 3D data-cube, and the third dimension corresponds to the spectral information.

Cubert Snapshot Imagers (355-1000nm)


HySpex Linescan Imagers (400-2500nm)


Submersible Cubert Snapshot Imager

Cubert Hyperspectral Imager   HySpex Hyperspectral Imager   SphereOptics WaterCam
Hyperspectral and multispectral snapshot imaging systems from Cubert combine light weight with a rugged design to provide high speed, real-time spectral imaging in the 355-1000nm wavelength range. » More   HySpex cameras by NEO provide high sensitivity, hyperspectral imaging in the 400-1000 and 900-2500nm spectral bands and are suitable for laboratory, ground and airborne applications. HySpex cameras employ linescan sensor technology to provide the highest precision in spectral imaging. » More  

The SphereOptics WaterCam - powered by Cubert - is the world's first imaging underwater spectrometer, proving high speed, snapshot hyperspectral images in the VNIR range (450-950nm). Application areas are significantly extended by the waterproof housing. » More


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